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Yesterday, Gary drafted some text for a notice to potential pilot testers for the platform.

If you know someone that lives with a disability, who might be interested in, please ask them to have a look at our site and if they’re interested, for them to send an email to [email protected]. is a virtual incubator for Australians who live with a disability to:
(i) Monetise a hobby/craft;
(ii) Establish a gig-based micro business; or
(iii) Establish a hobby.
The platform will support members with a combination of:
  1. Mentoring,
  2. An online Resource Library (including links to custom sheets),
  3. An internal discussion forum (a peer support forum),
  4. Webinars and online events, and
  5. An online marketplace (linked through to Fiverr) to promote their services.

This will be a NFP platform, where any profits are rolled into scholarships and mentoring fees.’s primary clients will be Australians with an NDIS plan. Other Australians who live with a disability can pay to become a member.

The fees will be $400 to join, $90/month to remain a member and $490 for 10h of on-call mentoring.
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