Animation and more bad news on the grant front

A woman in a wheelchair rests her hand on her wheel

First of all, the positive.  This morning Gary signed off on the penultimate design of the animation.  It is looking great.  Hopefully, we will be able to show it to you soon.

In less positive news, Logan City Council have advised we are not eligible for a Community Fund Grant and so our application was unsuccessful.  While we are pursuing that* this isn’t promising and a huge letdown.  We also failed to secure a Shuttlestock fellowship (we knew we were an unlikely applicant).

If you haven’t don’t so already, please chip $10 into our GoFundMe campaign –

* We believe we are eligible because we have partnered with the Logan City MS Support Group, Miriam Redding (a Logan City businesswoman is a member of our board) and we hope to engage with Logan residents via the Logan Disability Coalition.
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A young man in a wheelchair screwing frame together

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