A small grant win

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Yesterday, we had a nice surprise when $2,000 unexpectedly turned up in the platform’s bank account.

While we haven’t been officially notified, we have worked out this a payment for the Moreton Council Discretion fund, thank to Gary’s local councillor, Darren Grimwade.

It is only a small grant, but it’s 40% of the cost of Griffith University developing the micro-courses for our members or 40% of Griffith conducting coaching for our mentors.

It’s less than 1% of our goal for setting up the platform, plus our first twelve months of operation, but it’s an incredibly welcome opener for successful grant application outcomes. With a few larger grant application outcomes due in the weeks ahead, we hope that this is a good portend of outcomes to come.

The plan is, after its first 12 months, the platform will be self-sufficient. While we will seek grant funding for member scholarships or seek corporate sponsorship, our intent is the platform will cover its own costs.

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said we were brimming with excitement at this development.

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