Australian with a disability? Hoping to generate money? is here to help.

We are a platform run by and operated for Australians with disability. Our online service is billable to the NDIS. Nurturing and mentoring an Australian disability entrepreneurship community of practice. With free content and services available.

What is is a not-for-profit virtual incubator for Australians who live with a disability to pursue their entrepreneurial goals and potential.  It assists members with:

(i)   Monetising a hobby/craft

(ii)  Establishing a gig-based micro-business; or

(iii) Establishing a small business

It assists members with a combination of:

(a)  Mentoring;

b) A peer support discussion board;

(c) A resource library (containing a library of government and other free resources - including custom resources);

(d) Webinars and other online events;

(e) A monthly blog and quarterly newsletter;

(f) A learning space (partnered with the Griffith Business School); and

(g) A virtual marketplace (linked to

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Enabled is a virtual incubator to assist Australians who live with a disability to pursue their potential, such as would-be entrepreneurs starting a small business, or gigsters starting a micro-business, hobbyists pursuing their passion, lobbyists pushing for a constructive change and would-be volunteers looking to find somewhere to volunteer.

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