In this terrific guest blog post, Elise Collard discusses insurance for your money-generating endeavour and why you need it as soon as possible. Insurance may feel like an annoying extra expense. Insurance is something that you don't need until something goes wrong. But things do go wrong and if it does and you don't have insurance, you may find yourself in a very tough place. Insurance isn't a luxury, it is an essential thing for you to purchase. Protect yourself and don't get caught out. More
Diversity inspires innovation, creativity, and variety across every industry. Unsurprisingly, one third of Australian small businesses are owned by migrants. Despite the barriers of language and culture, people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds are naturally entrepreneurial. But how does this translate for multicultural Australians who also have a disability? Bilingualism, cross-culturalism and disability are all unique forms of diversity that should, in theory, enhance entrepreneurship. People within this intersection have a unique perspective of inclusion and ingenuity that many businesses and industries otherwise lack. After all, who is better placed to find gaps in the market than those of us living in the gaps? The Speak My Language (Disability) program is a podcast series sharing stories and resources from culturally and linguistically diverse communities about living well with a disability. More
In this guest post volunteers, Natalie M and John Blandford walk you through the steps to register for an ABN for your endeavour. This is a very practical guide to assist novices with the online process. More

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Like a lot of people who aren’t narcissists, I am not comfortable speaking about myself, but in this case, it is important to contextualise what is hoping to achieve.  Perhaps my discomfort is a cultural and class thing, coming as I do from a working-class town in the south of England but I’ll attempt to get over it.  About 15 years ago, I turned a hobby (an interest in the institutional approaches to Human Research Ethics into something that could be monetised) –  This has grown to the point where we are one of the lead consultancy firms in the Australian Human Research Ethics and Research Integrity space.  During the last 12 months, we have worked in New Zealand and the UK.  In the last few weeks, we have been doing work in Kazakhstan and have quoted a client to do work in Lithuania, which makes us a very small international consultancy firm.  We are a for-profit company that has a strong social media following. During that journey, before it really, I have lived with Progressive MS, I am powered wheelchair mobile, a hoist transfer, confined to bed except for five hours a day and require a fair amount of support.

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