Gary Allen

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Businesses thrive on diversity, in all its forms

Diversity inspires innovation, creativity, and variety across every industry. Unsurprisingly, one third of Australian small businesses are owned by migrants. Despite the barriers of language and culture, people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds are naturally entrepreneurial.

But how does this translate for multicultural Australians who also have a disability?

Bilingualism, cross-culturalism and disability are all unique forms of diversity that should, in theory, enhance entrepreneurship. People within this intersection have a unique perspective of inclusion and ingenuity that many businesses and industries otherwise lack. After all, who is better placed to find gaps in the market than those of us living in the gaps?

The Speak My Language (Disability) program is a podcast series sharing stories and resources from culturally and linguistically diverse communities about living well with a disability.

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Excerpt from Dinesh’s book, Stronger

We are excited to share an excerpt from Dinesh’s amazing book, Stronger.  Pre-sales for the are available from: Dinesh is the patron of the platform, has been incredibly generous with his time, is a great advocate for disability in Australia, is a mentor and friend. We highly recommend picking up this book and reading it.