About us

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The platform

The platform came from a simple idea conceived by Col Chandler, set out in his partnership with
Dr. Gary Allen and enhanced in collaborations with fellow travellers. Both men had been involved in successful businesses despite their disabilities and they had noted a serious flaw in the dominant
approach to disability and work, especially for
acquired or progressive conditions.

First a quick reflection on disability in Australia

Enabled.vip is a virtual business incubator for people living with a disability. It brings provides access to business expertise, resources, events and an online community

Features of the platform include:

All you need is a NDIS plan, a computer/smart phone/tablet and internet access.

Individual clients and the platform

The intended client users of the Enabled platform are:

Persons living with a disability who have an NDIS plan (or other source ) who:

  • A solid bullet point
    have a great concept for a business;
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    have skills, abilities or talents they want to offer via an online gig marketplace;
  • A solid bullet point
    have an idea, complaint or suggestion they want to take to politicians, public-sector bodies, or the community; or
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    have a hobby, interest or passion they want to continue or build upon

A disability shouldn’t be a reason not to pursue your passion, use your talents and participate.

The Enabled.vip platform provides you access to confidential and expert advice. It also provides access to an internal discussion board, a resource library, webinars and online events, a learning space, a digital marketplace and mentoring.

All you need is a NDIS plan (or another source of support), a computer/smart phone/tablet and internet access.

Your access to Enabled.vip services is paid for from your plan, is available online and is largely available when you need it.

Businesses and the platform